Welcome to our office

Because your foot is an intricate balance of bones, muscles, nerves, ligaments and joints, it requires proper medical training to render the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment possible. For the past twenty years that has been the goal of Dr. Harker. He is intimately acquainted with foot difficulties for as a youth he had corrective surgery twice to lower his arches and has since worn custom built foot orthotics.

All walks of life are welcome at our centre – from the child with an ingrown toe nail, the athlete with shin splints, the secretary with painful bunions, to the mother with complications associated with diabetes. No problem is considered insignificant.

Dr. Harker and his professional, caring staff look forward to providing the best conservative and medical foot care.

What we do

  • Bunions and Hammer Toes
  • Heel and Arch Pain
  • Ingrown and Fungus Nails
  • Diabetic and Arthritic Feet
  • Orthotics for Children and Adults
  • Hospital / Office Based Surgery